Hey there! Cap ‘N Cork, Cap ‘N Trade/Spend, Cap ‘N What?

Adequate Insurance desired? You’re just a nut!

WORK for a living–jobs with perks dime a dozen.

Not true? Try moving in with your long-lost cousin.

Prez, forget about Iraq and Great Depression.

Pose and speak daily for press photo op session:

“Single pay, universal, pre-existing conditions”–

Not of Afghanistan, Pakistan, pricey munitions.

Natives form class systems, moving now into camps.

Them that’s got/ Them that’s not–each day, up, up strife ramps!

Bias ‘gainst plump people, poor folks, dudes who just smoke–

Issues from snoots snorting bourbon and “mari-coke”.

Dollars for Clunkers! Houses? Sell Low and Buy Low As Well!

Shop NOW for big-ticket items. More debt? A Fresh New Hell.

Evan’s Susan’s a second BREAD-winner for sure. How nice.

Re-election for Senator Bayh? Hmmm. Better think twice.

Socialism, Capitalism–which way should we go?

Liberalism, Conservatism–both require dough.

Natural-born citizen-ism? Mal-practicism?

“Team” designations generating malignant schism.

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