Congrats! Record, “I’m born!”

From Mommy’s arms one’s torn.

Snips, snails, puppy dog’s tails?

Sugar, spice, nice. No males.

Hitchcock called all, “Cattle!”

Brando challenged, “Battle!”

Actors recite their lines.

“World’s a stage.” Stand in lines.

Be macho, macho! Man!

Create monsters we can.

Female deer, doe-too bad.

No more fun to be had.

Bob Hope’s trunk of mem’ries,

Bingo’s clubs, greens, golf tees.

Garbo’s demeanor shy,

Monroe kissed world, “Good-bye.”

Name-calling’s just a sin.

Sad for the shape we’re in.

Pigeon-hole dreams turn true,

Name-calling? Black and blue.

Enter that cage. Now stay.

Cannot come out to play.

Box us all up and seal.

Card game? Shut up! Now deal.

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