Thanks so much for following these columns, thoughts, and blogs

(And joining me in loving both kitty cats and dogs!)

How fun and fine it is to remember happy times,

Sharing moments of small town life in prose or in rhymes.

Memories flood into minds via our willing hearts;

One leads to another in sequential fits and starts.

Enjoyment of each other and old-timey places

Creates mental photographs of treasured, dear faces.

Continuation of past reflections I do vow —

Since yesterday’s much easier to recall than NOW!

Misplaced packages, tape, ribbons, car keys and glasses –

All forgiven because old age happens!  Time passes!

Fortunate are we cuz Jennifer keeps us informed,

Our intellects humming, and each reader soothed and warmed.

“Talk of the Town” provides a grand opportunity

To revive spirits — and pride in our community!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2012, friends!  You are dolls!

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