On behalf of our crazy cat lady mama named Susie

An explanation of her thought process which is a doozy:

This girl with a curl in the middle of her furrowed forehead

Is verbose, candid, impassioned…veering from sweet to horrid!

We “rescued” felines gather ’round her desk like eager muses

Perched on paper piles, swivel chairs; not one of us refuses

To aid her in research, inspiration and motivation.

We’re pensive, napping, staring from an elevated station.

Her memory we jog to capture past angels and gargoyles.

Purring, head butting, cuddling, we soothe Mama when her blood boils.

Computer freeze-ups, interruptions, writer’s block, out of ink!

Phones ring, doors slam, clocks tick, tummies growl, hearts ache!  Need time to think!

“Who charmed folks by catching more flies with syrup and with honey?”

“Who revealed truths which seemed harsh, bold and not terribly funny?”

Jump down, spin around, trill, meow, rub against a cramped up leg.

Take “time out” to tell us our story of Downtown Cats we beg?


Once upon a time…well, actually every Tuesday night–

Daddy Don and Mama Sue leave cats home alone –it’s alright.

(They lock the door and stroll downtown to dine by dim candlelight.

We sleep or play or finish our suppers and try not to fight.)

After dessert! Don and Sue opened the alley door to leave.

Two shivering shadows appeared on a snowy, blowy eve.

Scampering to and fro…then beneath a CenturyLink van —

A mama cat and her baby hid from both lady and man.

Coaxing with doggie-bag left-overs and inquiring within —

No success!  Frequent 9 o’clock cat burglars these two had been.

Each evening, Chef Rusty shared scraps of dinner rolls ‘n stuff!

In that dark alley, the scaredy-cat routine was just a bluff!

Out of nowhere — these two happy ferals knew how to tell time —

Mother and daughter perked up their ears with each courthouse clock chime.

Stealthily crossing quiet streets, from sometimes east, sometimes west…

This crafty duo appeared when the café closed — feeling blessed.

(We truly must ask, ” How did two stray cats earn this meal ticket?”

Indoor window-sill sitting kitties, that’s a sticky wicket!)

Alley cats are free to roam as they please.

Following instincts, they sail on the breeze.

Thanks to a program “Trap-Neuter-Release”,

Mom and daughter may wander without cease!

Two free meals per day!  These cats earn their keep

Shooing “Jacques and Gus Gus” with one fierce leap!

Aesop wrote fables.  Poets create rhymes.

Charles Dickens penned tales of the “best of times”.

Listen feline children and you shall hear

The best life for you is having you near.

Snuggle together in a soft warm bed.

Stay and help me write what needs to be said.

(All of the above sentiments) “ODE” to every cat I have ever had the good fortune to shelter since childhood:  Joey, Chessie, John Kerry, Johnny Cochran, Topsy, Tiggers I & II, Doodle, Beau Jangles I & II, Tommy, Trina, Tracey, Paolo Conte, Truman, Olivier, Ossie Lottie, Bugsy, Slinky, Lizzie Beth, Chloe, Susan Christina, Lucinda, Tristan & Isolde.  AND THEY ALL LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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