Variations on Bell Jar

Requisite TELL (it like it is) JAR

(At long last sharpening the blade…for spearing and shish kebabbing ping-pong balls.)

For fully six years, driven composition

Of essays, letters, couplets and some quatrains!

I fade away—become an apparition

Recording persuasive nostalgic refrains.

Audiences both applaud…yet criticize:

“Radical nut” from a “faraway planet!”

“Keep ‘em coming.  Through you, Dear, we fantasize!”

“Waste of space!  Makes no sense!”  Bold critiques granted.

“Write a novel…”  “Love your articles!”  “Please stop!”

“Get a life!”  “Keep your opinions to yourself!”

Filing cabinets bulge, stuffed with treasured crop

Of newspaper clippings, most current on shelf!

Poetry journals — important earnest rhymes,

Oyster poops of acquired wisdom and wit,

Radio interviews with Colin sometimes

Sharing raw truths?  Sparing feelings?  THAT MARK? HIT!

Letters to Editors too local, subdue…

Columns for neighbors?  Stay light and above board.

Squelched “facts of life” kindled—way past OVERDUE!

Published E-book proffers:  Etiquette’s Ignored!!!!!!!!

My appreciation to committee members:  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Thelonius Monk, John Cougar Mellencamp, Sylvia Plath

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