Never Been Kissed?

May’s celebrations run the springtime gamut from Mothers’ Day

Through my birth-date to culminate in soldier’s wreaths on display.

Lilies of the valley bloom, bowing down soon to peonies,

As June debuts officially to kick off summer’s soft breeze.

Memories of angst, somewhere within this frolicking time frame,

Produce reflections of society’s once forced dating game—

Going steady, first or French kisses, sock-hops, dreading acne,

Halitosis, how far to go, and if “what will be will be”?

Prom season fell within those months—NOT FOR ALL so gleefully.

Wall-flowers yearned for the phone to please connect us to a HE!

My sis attended once on the arm of Johnny Whiteleather

Who brought her home EARLY; our moms had hustled them together?

She’d looked so beautiful. I’d  wanted to tag along. She cried…

With her bungled eve in perspective, I vowed one day to hide!

No gymnasiums transformed, behind fake oriental screens.

Forget those after-parties and courts of penny-pitch kings, queens!

However, when “little sis” became of frantic high-school age,

And forced social conventions started to fill page after page,

Eagerly anticipating at “least” two mating-type calls,

I ashamedly rejoiced I’d stare ne’er at my bedroom walls!

Junior year:  “Intercom Jimmy” proclaimed countless committees!

Each morn, listening closely, I sulked, ”Not on even one?”  Geez?

Rebel!  I wore a white spaghetti-strapped sundress the “big”night,

When Eugene rang the door-bell and pinned a corsage to the right.

I’d boast of four dates in four years: Komet Hockey game with Wayne;

Movie “on” Steve; nearly two dates that “Eugene” night!!!  (How insane

Would it have been for Jerry Paulus to join us?  He asked, too!

Mike Andrews appeared on my Senior Prom dance card — called me “Sue”!)

Bussing — nor smooching — never occurred!  Closest ever? John Fleck

Drove ME home to glimpse dream-girl Kathy, next-door– stretching his neck!

Archie, Veronica, Betty, Reggie, Moose and Jug-head rocked!

MY teen-aged years drifted by, Rapunzel in her tower locked.

Gary Galloway and I watched a drive-in WEST SIDE STORY;

Walt Meyers’ grand-son, Martin, charmed me with Doc’s degree glory!

(Postscripting both who’ll rate as unnoticed and incidental

By curious local peer group who’d question!  Soooooooo judgmental!)

But “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina!”  Book-worms play Canasta

‘Round parents, attend the cinema with siblings. Disaster?

Nah!  Pa rigged a gig as a Wagon Wheel apprentice for me!

Painted scenery, danced with college kids in BYE BYE BIRDIE!*

— Which propelled me to an artificial romance after all!

Ray Moore cast me in his first high school musical*, in the fall!

Handsome male lead Jon Schubert, I’d never spoken two words to,

Took me in his arms, singing!  Each show I earned a “smackeroo”!

His main squeeze seethed off-stage for each and every performance!

Due to her presence and that of “extras”, I felt like a dunce!

Yet, I’ve photographs proving that “All’s Well That Ends Well” — in bliss!

With 400 locals watching, I DID receive my first kiss!

THE TELEPHONE HOUR  (from BYE BYE BIRDIE by Charles Strouse & Lee Adams)

          Hi, Nancy!

          Hi, Helen!

          What’s the story, morning glory?

          What’s the tale, nightingale?


          Did she kiss him and cry?

          Did he pin the pin on?

          Or was he too shy?

          Well, I heard they got pinned

          Yeah! Yeah!

          I was hopin’ they would!


          Now they’re livin’ at last,

          Goin’ steady for good!

          You know it,

          It won’t last!

          Not at all!

          He’s too thin!

          She’s too tall!


          Goin’ steady, goin’ steady,

          Goin’ steady,

          Steady for good

          Goin’ steady, goin’ steady,

          Goin’ steady,

          Steady for good

          Goin’ steady, goin’ steady,

          Goin’ steady!

          Well, well, oh oh oh

          Well, well, oh oh oh

          That’s the way it should be!

          They’ll be happy, I know!

          Going Steady for me.

          That’s the way it should go!

          Goin’ steady, goin’ steady,

          Goin’ steady,

          Steady for good

          Goin’ steady,

          Goin’ steady,

Oh yeah

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