Ah, Sweet Mystery of a (Wonderful) Life

Sub-titled:  My Funny Valentine!

FEBRUARY—short, concise, often leaping,

“Happy Birthday to Abraham and George,” we cheer.

Ice storms interrupt “White Sales” of sheets for sleeping;

Lucrative month for florists, thrown into high gear.

Antony, Cleopatra, Angelina, Brad,

Romeo, Juliet, Debbie, Eddie and Liz—

Some romances too noteworthy—others quite sad.

But Donald adored Daisy—her heart ever his!

Poets employ quatrains and alternating rhymes,

Rap lyrics, free verse, limericks, sonnets, Haiku.

Why, Don Quixote tilted at windmills sometimes.

Imaginary bravery. What “Love” can do!

Black History, Chinese New Year festivities

Filling this fun wintry month, quite swiftly fleeting,

Extolling love, heroes, our land’s diversities

And that “Wish to thank the Academy” greeting!

Yearly celebrations of cupids and Eros,

Inclement weather, posies, discounted bedding,

And birthdates of those so wise and victorious

Start with a groundhog hinting which way we’re heading?

Now blustery March approaches heralded by

Lion or lamb, thundering fiercely—or gently?

“Weather report at six” OR “old wives” check the sky—

We’ll survive Mother Nature’s whims which be plenty!

Life zips past. Calendar pages flip.  Seasons change.

“Best laid plans of mice and men” fall by the wayside,

Spring cleaning?  Old clothes to Good-will?  Rooms re-arrange?

Whoops!  With yard-signs, buttons, t-shirts we’re duly plied!

May 3rd primary’s on its way—focus on THAT!

Mayoral aspirations move front and center.

Request Republican ballot? This DEMOCRAT?

Gotta live with the guy—can’t be a dissenter.

Filing intent accomplished. From that moment on–

Kissing babies, creating slogans, poll-taking

Supplant domestic tasks!  Over Don I shall fawn.

Wedding vows–“All others (candidates!) forsaking!”

A website “dot ( . )com” both serious and quite fun—

Jokes, hoped for policies, fair-mindedness to view,

“Current events articles”, old photos we run.

Nods of approval sure sought to give Don his due.

http://www.donsextonformayor.com!  Must read!

Any question answered. Become enlightened there!

Register to vote on-line—hasten with full speed.

”The People’s Choice!”  Mine, too!  “James Stewart for Mayor!”

Composed by the Bard, Punxsutawney Phil (who did not see his shadow and predicted an early HAPPY spring) with assistance from Donna Reed and an angel named Clarence.

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