Yawns, Cuddles, and Dreams

Families happen all over the world.   Gaggles of geese squawk with their goslings. Bucks, does, and fawns dance through fields.  Horses nuzzle colts.  Cats groom their kittens. Doggies cuddle with new-born pups.

Daddy wears ties and rushes off to the office.  Mommy vacuums and bakes cakes and writes stories for the newspaper. A brother and sister  walk to school and study their lessons.  These four eat supper every night and then watch television or play some music on the piano or listen to their favorite ipod tunes.

Busy days.  Fun nights.  Then the moon floats across the night-time sky.  Animals and people live everywhere.  They move all about forests and barns  and jungles and lakes and oceans and in cites or the wide-open country. All of us get sleepy even if we do not have clocks to tell us the time.

Inside a little red house with green shutters on a quiet street in a tiny town, this daddy and mommy and brother and sister yawn.

A big yellow dog named Jack stretches and follows Daddy upstairs and dreams at the foot of the bed.  Two cats called Lizzie Beth and Topsy snuggle up with Mommy.

Three turtles crawl onto their stones and shake off the water from a long day’s swim.  They close their eyes and doze in their aquarium in the corner of big brother’s bedroom.

Bucky the Beagle snores as she sleeps curled next to little sis.  Chessie, the grey-striped cat stretches out on Susie’s hip.  Susie always sleeps on her side.

Yes.  What a big family!  Daddy, Mommy, Susie and her brother, Jack, Lizzie Beth, Topsy, Bucky and Chessie and three turtles feel happy and safe.  All of them yawn and cuddle and dream.

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