We are all worthy of blame. 2015.

St. Patrick’s Parish: Cancel Animal Fighting Contest – Support this petition!

How about getting this crap cancelled in Indiana too – nothing “FAIR” about this thuggery. It is not wholesome, but kinky and evil and humiliating – not cute but tragic and ignorant and a horrid example for all.

AND Adding “beer tents” to the mix? C’mon…unbelievable. The dark ages are over.

Let’s not support it and let us talk about ending it before the summer arrives. “Planning stages” time? Victimizing living beings – degrading and heart-breaking. PLEASE find another money-making photo-opportunity.

Bill would legalize Indiana fenced-in hunting preserves

America can be so barbaric. We all murder mammals … yet that is what WE are. We murder other humans and we murder every species. It is evil, and we are setting a horrible example by which murder will proliferate until we stop slaughtering everything and anything that moves and that breathes and that has intelligence and an emotional life.

Shame on the entire human race everywhere! Just everywhere – those who murder and those who allow murder and those who pay for murder by consuming flesh! We are all worthy of blame.

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