Quiet please. 2016.

Quiet please, there’s a lady on stage
She may not be the latest rage
But she’s singing and she means it
And she deserves a little silence

Quiet please, there’s a woman up there
And she’s been honest through her songs
Long before your consciousness was raised
Now doesn’t that deserve a little praise

So put your hands together and help her along
All that’s left of the singer’s all that’s left of the song
Stand for the ovation
And give her one last celebration – Peter Allen

If Hillary could take all of this foolishness this year and all the years prior, then in the time I have left, I plan to suffer through the hateful treatment myself…and I’ll get plenty of chances! Ha!

This is all very old and very tired and very typical. What a sad election. Now, the Democratic party has disappeared? However did THAT happen? A little rigging after all? Truly wondering….but let’s all just roll over? Hopefully not! Hopefully not.

“This country is too big for one person to screw up.” – Will Rogers

I do wish the rationalizing days-after punditry would stop cold. The pseudo-(self)analysis of why they got it wrong, while excusing their multiple spins this way and that, wastes time with meaningless bloviation yet again?

‘Round the clock “news” has devolved into nauseating and shallow and just gabby pablum. Plus, the recently toned-down rhetoric of previously screeching surrogates is cloying, insincere, and a complete “about face” dripping with hypocrisy.

What do pundits and politicians have in common? Let’s start with “talking out of both sides of their mouths” – not to mention engaging in way too many ball-playing metaphors!

We not only need serious reforms regarding elections, length of campaigns, money in politics, voting suppression/rigging, but a serious reduction in unfair coverage by news outlets–all 50 bajillion of them whether newspapers, magazines, television, radio, or the social network.

Who among us can ever endure another “news-cycle” as self-indulgent as what we have lived through…none of it informative nor wise and much of it untruthful? Enough already. Not only should term limits be in order but a sweeping subtraction of the vast array of offices to be filled by a host of opportunistic nincompoops. No wonder folks are running through the streets protesting. Perfectly understandable.

Heartbroken. A fabulous opportunity by-passed right in front of our eyes. Wondering HOW the votes got counted…or miscounted? That map of state results was the oddest television graphic ever. Almost like “whoops” this just in: the lady lost this state and that one and that one over there.

We shall see if somebody somewhere investigates? And then meaningfully protests. Somebody call the FBI? No, NOT the FBI…oh, no!

So, I am finally crying from wasting my time on a host of stuff which never leads anywhere and looking at sad faces of protesters to this disaster. And knowing that the movers and shakers will just continue their seeking control and their own goals and never stop until the world blows up. Those at the top are at the top because they are self-centered to a maximum degree which nobody can fathom.

But why do stinkers always figure out how to win at all costs? And seem to count on all of us to just roll over? The clueless among us should attend stinker seminars just to find out how to defy those types? To discover their secrets…yeah, that’s the ticket!

Maybe Al Franken is our only hope?

Quiet please, there’s a person up there
Who’s singing of the things
That none of us could bear to hear for ourselves
Give her your respect if nothing else

Put your hands together and help her along
All that’s left of the singer’s all that’s left of the song
Rise to the occasion
Give her one last celebration

Quiet please, there’s a lady on stage
Conductor, turn the final page
When it’s over we can all go home
She lives on, on the stage alone… – Peter Allen

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