No replies nor retorts necessary

“Be able to listen to people without losing confidence nor becoming agitated.” ~ Louis Pasteur via Deval Patrick!

(I have fallen head over heels in adoration of Louis Pasteur….and not because I got milk?)

HEADLINE: In new Yahoo News/YouGov poll, most voters think Trump committed abuses — but are split on impeachment…

Hallelujah! Well, the wonderful coverage by MSNBC and CNN pundits spouting Russian names right and left can become boring in spite of being essential to our nation…but now the GOP “side” has become, in addition to disastrously alarming, BORING beyond belief. Time to change channels from GOP to DEM! True patriots may be winning the television wars and ratings finally! Let’s hear it for the miracles which can be wrought by the so-called “boob tube”! True reality tv at long last! No replies nor retorts necessary, just thankfulness for a possibly restored and healing country!

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